MOVEMAN, a national MOtor VEhicle MANagement strategy

A national strategy to greatly improve road safety, and road use efficiency and flexibility

The MOVEMAN initiative will hasten future driving reform

Smart technologies are promising safer and more efficient roads, but rolling them out to all vehicles will be slow.

There’s another way — MOVEMAN

Implemented now, MOVEMAN would hasten future driving reform. Here’s how!

A small electronic module in every vehicle and a central management system would achieve

… and it could be implemented nation-wide over just a couple of years.

And yes, we have thought about privacy and civil liberties and incorporated appropriate strategies.

We need political and community commitment, so read on and GET ON BOARD


The MOVEMAN strategy was presented on Australia’s ABC Radio National’s program “Ockham’s Razor” on June 21, 2015. Click here to listen the program online The headline is A black box for automobiles, though a better headline would be A National Road Use Management Strategy

MOVEMAN strategy

The MOVEMAN strategy would enable in-vehicle data collection and analysis and limited communication with a central management system. The strategy would enable major beneficial outcomes for road safety, emergency response, fairer law enforcement, road system management, fleet management and road research without adversely affecting civil liberties or individual privacy.


The technology would be a relatively simple telematics system comprised of an in-vehicle electronic data acquisition, storage, processing, display and communications unit, and a national centralised management system.


The MOVEMAN strategy will require research and development phases to address legislation and jurisdictional issues, political and community issues, and the technology.

Implementation would be easier technically than complex systems such as Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), and potentially it could be implemented over only a few years. MOVEMAN would help road users to become familiar and comfortable with ITS technology, paving the way for progressive introduction of much more ambitious systems.


An excellent way to get an appreciation of the major outcomes possible with MOVEMAN is to look at everyday motoring situations where the strategy could deliver major benefits for the nation and individuals — quicker emergency response, elimination of most road toll infrastructure, fairer law enforcement, effective driver education, improved road safety, more efficient roads, and much more.

Get on Board

Come on board by promoting the MOVEMAN ideas to your colleagues, friends and, especially, decision makers such as politicians and industry leaders.

We invite you to ask questions, read what others say, and learn about relevant research and developments.

Give us feedback including critical comment, suggestions for extensions or simplifications of the concepts, issues that should be addressed, solutions to issues, and ideas about everything from the technology to how to gain exposure to influential decision-makers.