MOVEMAN issues to be addressed

Addressing and resolving issues is a crucial part of the MOVEMAN strategy development

We need input from individuals and organisations to identify and address issues relevant to the development and implementation of the MOVEMAN strategy. Please tell us your ideas and views about how MOVEMAN can contribute to road safety, emergency response, law enforcement. Give us your input on the technology, political and social consultation, economic issues, driver reaction, transport industry issues and any other matter relevant to the MOEMAN strategy

Although the technology necessary for MOVEMAN appears not to be a big challenge , the political and social barriers will present very significant challenges, so most of the issues impeding action are likely to be in those areas. Below is the preliminary draft of issues for consultation and discussion. This draft certainly is far from comprehensive; the purpose at this stage is to stimulate discussion. Please use the feedback form or our Facebook page to share your ideas and comments, particularly including issues not mentioned below.

Priority issues

Do you agree that these are the highest priority issues? Send your comments.

Issues needing resolution

Can you help to resolve these issues? Offer your help or tell us your ideas.

Technology issues

We repeat here some technology issues for the particular attention of technical experts, whom we invite to comment on the feedback form or our Facebook page.

Issues apparently resolved

Do you agree that these issues may be considered as resolved?